Jason's English Playground

A Fun Place to Learn

About Us

We are a team of career teachers with over 30 years combined teaching experience. We are parents who also understand how difficult it is to provide our children the best possible education. Finally, we are also learners who continue to study a second and even third language, so we understand our student's mindset.



Founder and CEO

Jason needs no introduction. He’s been on national T.V. and has been the face of the foreigner community in Dongbaek for over a decade. Born in New Zealand, he spent most of his life with his family in Korea. He is currently in New Zealand working on starting a home stay program of students who wish to study abroad, so expect him to still drop by from time to time.



Head Teacher

Adrien is a Canadian teacher and a parent who has been teaching in Dongbaek for almost as long as Jason. He shares Jason’s passion to make learning fun and stress free. For the past 8 years he has used his experience as a student, parent and teacher to develop fun and educational activities.



Curriculum Developer

Joshua is an American teacher with a master’s degree in education. He has been a professor at Kyung Hee University since 2012. As a proud parent of two eight-year-old daughters, he was eager to join our team and help develop a curriculum that will remain fun based but now will also be result oriented.



ESL Teacher

Marie is an American teacher with a background in international studies. She graduated from Seattle University in 2009. She has lived in several different countries as a child, and has received her formal education in the US, Europe and Australia. Not only does Marie have a strong passion in learning and teaching languages, but she also has a strong interest in international cultures. She holds a CELTA and a teacher’s license from the US.

Our vision is to provide every student with the opportunity to learn a new language organically, through exposure and practice, rather than intense study.

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We provide a quality English education that is fun based but also result oriented.

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Using a combination of interactive drills, practical exercises and educational games, we provide students with the opportunity to absorb language through exposure rather than from instruction.

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History of our School

Jason’s Playground started 10 years ago with one goal in mind: FUN. Jason grew his school from a small study room with a few students to a hagwon with over a hundred.

To this day, Jason’s Playground continues to provide students with a fun place to practice listening and speaking while playing in small groups.